I'm thrilled to share messages from some key leaders who are supporting my campaign:

State Senator
Jim Beall

“Sylvia Arenas is a passionate advocate for her Evergreen and Eastside Community. On the Council, Sylvia has worked closely with my office to advocate for better roads, cleaning up blight, and improved services for families. Sylvia is the exact kind of creative and determined leader that we need serving our community and she has my support in her campaign for reelection.”

“Sylvia Arenas is a clear voice and advocate for San Jose families. As a San Jose City Council member she has brought people together to shift the conversation and place the issues families in our community are facing at the forefront. I'm proud to endorse Sylvia and support her re-election campaign."

Assemblymember Ash Kalra

Santa Clara County Supervisor
Dave Cortese

“I was proud to support Sylvia when she ran for council in 2016, but she’s truly gone above and beyond in her service to our community. And the results show Sylvia has a clear record of success for Evergreen. That includes rebuilding neighborhood associations, opening community centers, and recently helping win the fight to finally expand light rail to Eastridge. Please join me in supporting Sylvia's campaign, so she can keep representing Evergreen on the City Council.”

Evergreen School Board President Bonnie Mace

“On the city council, Sylvia Arenas has been a key partner for Evergreen Schools - and she’s successfully expanded access to vital after-school programs. I urge Evergreen voters to reelect Sylvia Arenas so she can keep fighting for kids and families.”

Sylvia Arenas has a proven track record of bringing people together for common sense solutions that put San Jose families first. She’s a passionate advocate for the Evergreen and Eastside communities, and has the strong support of my colleagues and me.”

San Jose Councilmember Magdalena Carrasco

“Serving on the Public Safety Committee, Sylvia Arenas has been laser focused on rebuilding our police force and increasing the resources dedicated to solving violent crime. Councilwoman Arenas is a deeply effective voice for her District 8 community and San Jose families broadly, and I’m proud to support her campaign to continue to serve on the City Council.”

San Jose Councilmember and Public Safety Committee Chair Raul Peralez

District 8 Round Table Land Use Committee Chair*, Robert Reese

“In 2018, billionaire developers tried to make an end-run around the Evergreen community and the San Jose City Council. The so-called “senior housing” project would have been a blank check and would have caused massive new traffic in Evergreen,” “Sylvia Arenas brought together a broad coalition of Evergreen families, concerned residents from across San Jose, the environmental community, business and labor, who all united to defeat Measure B. I urge District 8 residents to send Sylvia back to City Hall, where she has been our strongest advocate.”
(*title for identification purposes only)

Additional Endorsements Announced:

State Senator Bob Wieckowski
San Jose Vice Mayor Chappie Jones
San Jose Councilmember Maya Esparza
San Jose Councilmembr Sergio Jimenez

...and many more to be announced shortly

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